The Sarex® Company is formed to provide oil-water separators to the US Navy and Coast Guard. The Sarex® Company is formed as a partnership with one of the principal owners being none other than the Hollywood actor John Wayne.   



World Water Systems® (WWS™) was founded in 1983 by Justin Branson who left SRS (Separation Recovery Systems) and introduced the HELI-SEP™ as the world’s first filter-less coalescing matrix for processing bilge water. The HELI-SEP™ soon became the benchmark for marine bilge water separators with over 7,000 units sold worldwide. WWS™ purchase the Sarex® Company in 1995.


In 1987, WWS™ introduced the AQUA-SEP™ Reverse Osmosis product line to satisfy the growing needs for high quality potable water around the world. And during the 1990’s, WWS™ developed a host of innovative products utilizing the technologies of coalescence, adsorption, flocculation and membrane to create products for the industrial, marine and offshore markets


In 1999, Coffin World Water Systems® (CWWS™) was established through an acquisition of World Water Systems® by Coffin Turbo Pump®. This gave CWWS™ the ability to expand its global reach through the long-established sales and service channels of CTP. It also provided the capital to continue the WWS™ tradition of product innovation. In 2004, CWWS developed and released the ULTRA-SEP™ Bilge Water Separator with SPIR-O-LATOR® Membrane Technology. The ULTRA-SEP™ was the first OWS to be certified to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) MEPC 107(49) standard. CWWS™ subsequently developed and released ULTRA-SEP™ Compact Bilge Water Separators for work boats and smaller vessels, helping to ensure compliance with the EPA Vessel General Permit.

     compass-blue-stacked-logo 2010

Compass Water Solutions® (Compass®) was established in 2010 by separating Coffin World Water Systems® into two Company’s, Coffin Turbo Pump® and Compass Water Solutions®. The new Compass ® Company’s mandate is to focus on a wider range of regulated water filtration, purification and treatment solutions.



Compass Water Solutions® introduces the new System III RO watermaker and moves operations to Tustin, California in order to manage the Company’s exponential growth. From this new World Headquarters, Compass® continues the tradition leading the market develop of water filtration, water purification and oil-water treatment solutions.